Are you also concerned about the climate and you want to buy clothes in a different way? Do you know where to start when looking for sustainable alternatives near you or in the high street? We found that the search was immense, and that trustworthy answers were not at hand. With our combined expertise, the sustainable fashion connoisseurs join forces and we make it easy for you to shop sustainably!

COSH is a startup and - currently - not a working app, but that can change quickly. Disappointed?


Because that means your are interested in using COSH! so quickly enter your e-mail address below. If there is enough interest, our investors are ready to finance COSH.

In the meantime, we will keep you informed of progress by e-mail (without spamming you). Do you have any other questions? Any comments? Useful tips? Would you like to cooperate? Send a message through the contact page.

Meet our purpose driven team, ready to COSH things up!

Sustainable fashion business developer

Niki de Schryver

Niki de Schryver, Bachelor of Fashion Technology and Founder of COSH is extremely driven to make a change in one of the most polluting industries in the world.

With 14 years of experience as a supply chain and strategic consultant in luxury fashion and with 7 years of omnichannel e-commerce experience, she has two very powerful foundations to build COSH on.

Read more about Niki here.

Complex IT requires

A multi-skilled IT team

As COSH requires several skills and technologies such as Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, Big Data, back-end and front-end development we are looking at one external team.

Imec has conducted a thorough technical feasability study of the COSH platform.

Sidenote for those interested, even though we work with an external IT team all IP is property of COSH.

Chanel Trapman

Co-founder and social marketeer

Filip Bullens

Strategic communication partner

Joke Verbeke

PR & communication

Nicholas Foynes

Web Development

Ruben Bellanger

Graphic Design

Julie Van Hoecke

Digital Design

Pieter-Jan Claeysens

Web Development

Arno Ramon

Web Development

Emma Oudejans

Intern style research

Marleen Brutyn

Brand research & database

Natasha Verpoucke


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